My love for sewing and creating started as a young girl. My grandmother was a dressmaker and I often spent most of my summers with her. We started with doll clothes and soon progressed to my first outfit. I designed and sewed most of this gray and paisley vest and shorts combo for my first day of grade 4 and never looked back. I went to college for Fashion Techniques and Design, and even worked for some small individual designers. The work was hard, the pay was little and the days long.  I finally took a break from sewing altogether, moved to Calgary, met my husband and started a family. I picked up sewing again after my first, and then decided after my second I am not going back to work for someone else and I am going to do what I’m passionate about. So now, it is Fall 2021, and here we are at VEEJ. It’s been a dream of mine to create and make beautiful, high quality clothing, and now I am. I love stripes, prints, colours, and have sourced amazing quality fabrics in all of these. I am also passionate about charity, so from time to time you will notice that if you purchase certain items a portion of the proceeds will be donated. Thank you so much for your support! Because of you I am empowered and can be an amazing role model for my children, and anyone else wanting to follow their dream.

- Laura